South Africa Gets Paid Android Apps

Well, after browsing the Android Market late last night, I saw something a little…off… with the app lists.

There were numbers where there should have been “Free”.

I clicked to app (Read It Later Pro) to maybe dispel this glitch, before taking my sweet time to realise that this was a pay only app I just accessed. Listed in Rands. As any South African ‘Droider knows, we just don’t have access to pay apps.

I did some cursory searches on the Market, finding a small handful of pay apps. Not many, so definitely not a full launch of Paid access, but still, enough proof that it was coming.

After Googling a few times, I came across an article reporting similar things, and after a few hours sleep, I found an article by reporting on the Google Mobile blog announcing some big new features coming to Market, and that a Google I/O (It’s Google’s big, headliner expo, an E3 for Google) session announced that pay apps will come to 99 more countries, including SA. OH YEAH!!

I can confirm the method they report (bottom of article) is genuine, I tried it – skeptically – but everything restored fine, and I’m seeing many more Pay apps, including QuickOffice Pro at Number 3 on featured apps. Reportedly, cancelling an app purchase has some issues, namely it take time to refund you. Still, this is acceptable, WE HAVE PAID APPS!

Strange, I was seeing pay apps with Market v2.3.6, but some features only appeared after this method, namely Top Paid apps. It still reports v2.3.6. Oh well, on with the downloads!


Proudly South African? Not us!

   That title is not aimed at me. It's the Media of South Africa. They are very picky when it comes to what they will report on, and if it's supporting our country, no, we can't have that. BLAME ZUMA!! YEAH!! OR APARTHEID!! Sorry, gotta stop blaming that.

    With news of Mr. Niell Blomkamp's film, District 9, being nominated in 4 catagories for the Oscars, I got quite pissed off. Not because I don't like the movie, but because I loved it.
    I am South African, and the movie is directed, edited, written, just about everything, by South Africans. If Peter Jackson didn't produce it, it would be a South African production. The reason why I am so pissed off, is that good ol' South Africa refused to even touch this movie until it made $37 million in 2 days. After that, the media couldn't get enough of it.
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