Browse Even Quicker (and Safer) with FireFox

Bet you think I’m talking about FireFox, hey? Well, only loosely. I’m going to quickly mention a few things FOR FireFox, but not FF directly. There should be a button on the right of this post, ’bout half way through, my Spread FireFox button, because I love it, and if you don’t already use it, you’re doing yourself a injustice as well as the rest of the world. Because Mozilla want to make the web a better place.

OK, now that you have FireFox, you need to start customizing it. IE, give it a new skin, a new persona (the little fox-head in the bottom right left corner), make it yours! And after all that, get FlashBlock. This blocks any flash based media on any webpage. Like when you visit a new webpage, and you then get to see some lovely adverts eating away at your data, flashing, playing noises and the like.
Easier to just get rid of them. FlashBlock blocks these, and replaces them with a little silver icon and frame to let you know something DOES go there, in case it was something you actually wanted.

Very useful, and easy. Once its installed, it needs no more instructions. Just right click the icon for more options, like to never block again, etc. I’ll keep listing my favourite add-ons in coming months