How To: Tag Your Music with Lyrics

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Lyrics are funny things. There are so many websites out there that specifically deal in a song’s lyrics. I mean, there are an intimidating amount of them, all with slightly different lyrics, sign-up options, advertising in the middle of lyrics, etc.

They also run into trouble with the law fairly often, and for a silly reasons. The user-contributed lyrics can break copyright/plagiarism laws apparently. I feel that user-contribution lyrics are Fair-Use, until you start making money off those lyrics. Hosting them is a different deal.

But anyway, it’s quite nice to look at your favourite song lyrics every now and then, as seeing something in text is easier to understand than purely sound. However, it’s inconvenient to fire up a web browser, search lyrics, then finally get the songs lyrics, but only on a screen, because you usually can’t/won’t print it out, and why would you anyway?, and then you only have it for as long as you keep the page open. Inconvenient, and slow. In comes tagging your mp3’s with lyrics.

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Going Ape for a Songbird

Songbird is beautiful.
MediaMonkey is technical.

I mean these words. But I must explain from the bottom. This is a story (read = guide) of my music woes, from playback to organization. Here are two applications that truly make life that much more musical. And pleasant.
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