LA noire

I felt I needed to do a post about LA Noire. LA Noire and its broken dialogue.

I was intrigued by the game, considering Rockstar’s influence, but I wanted to wait for it to get a little cheaper, or get it second hand.
I’m a singleplayer gamer, so I don’t need to be first among my friends, and most of them aren’t big gamers.

LA Noire features a a very advanced animation engine, MotionScan. Think of it as a very fancy facial capture tech.
The voice actors have done more than deliver their lines, they have had to act their parts out, as the face animation from this is captured and reproduced on screen. Once you see it, it can be quite impressive. You sometimes see quiet anger, interest, and even characters flirting with the player. Continue reading


MineCraft Blocks.

Minecraft - Tower

Image by Bricknave via Flickr

I’ve been playing MineCraft lately. If it needs introduction, you don’t follow geek culture, aren’t watching many YouTube video’s or aren’t really interested in gaming.
If it needs no introduction, you probably already played it, and really, this blog post will be old hat.

Mojang, the developers of MineCraft recently released a demo. Well, PCGamer released it, but it’s official, so yeah, Mojang released it. It’s the full featured game, save for a timer limiting interaction after ~100 minutes. It won’t be enough. Not even close.

The demo served as my first proper intro to the world of MineCraft. I had seen a couple of videos, I had played the free version (and didn’t see the point, it’s out of date), and I had read plenty of raving reviews, claiming this is gaming heaven, a geek’s Lego set. I just didn’t see the point.

And I’m going to have to cut this post very short, as I am currently building a mine cart system circling my glass-encased lava tower/beacon. After playing the demo, I believed the hype.

MineCraft is amazing.

If you haven’t yet, play this demo, buy this game. It’ll be the best money you’ll spend on entertainment this year.

Assassin’s Creed: Conspiracy what-what?

Assassin's Creed cover.

Image via Wikipedia

I recently finished Assassin’s Creed 2. Yes, I know, it released over a year ago, but I went through a bit of a dry spell with new releases in 2010. I’ve still got about 7 AAA titles I have to work through, oh my, the horror…

Anyway, With Assassin’s Creed 1, I lest than impressed with the repetition of fetch quests, eavesdrop and other bad game design choices. Those were thankfully removed or improved in its direct sequel, Assassin’s Creed 2. A better era to screw around in (Renaissance Italy), more weapons, better designed cities that looked lovely and awesome scenes, in-game and in-cutscene. And the story is amazing. Really, I could see this in a movie house not too long from now. Really. Continue reading

WGA-Videogame Writing Nominees, Found Lacking

The Writers Guild of America has announced their nominees of Outstanding Achievement in video game writing, 2010. This is great news, as it helps the reputation of gaming as a whole, giving it some credibility, as does the BAFTA awards.

The Nominees

  • Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood,
  • Fallout: New Vegas,
  • God of War III,
  • Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands,
  • Singularity,
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

Continue reading