South Africa Gets Paid Android Apps

Well, after browsing the Android Market late last night, I saw something a little…off… with the app lists.

There were numbers where there should have been “Free”.

I clicked to app (Read It Later Pro) to maybe dispel this glitch, before taking my sweet time to realise that this was a pay only app I just accessed. Listed in Rands. As any South African ‘Droider knows, we just don’t have access to pay apps.

I did some cursory searches on the Market, finding a small handful of pay apps. Not many, so definitely not a full launch of Paid access, but still, enough proof that it was coming.

After Googling a few times, I came across an article reporting similar things, and after a few hours sleep, I found an article by reporting on the Google Mobile blog announcing some big new features coming to Market, and that a Google I/O (It’s Google’s big, headliner expo, an E3 for Google) session announced that pay apps will come to 99 more countries, including SA. OH YEAH!!

I can confirm the method they report (bottom of article) is genuine, I tried it – skeptically – but everything restored fine, and I’m seeing many more Pay apps, including QuickOffice Pro at Number 3 on featured apps. Reportedly, cancelling an app purchase has some issues, namely it take time to refund you. Still, this is acceptable, WE HAVE PAID APPS!

Strange, I was seeing pay apps with Market v2.3.6, but some features only appeared after this method, namely Top Paid apps. It still reports v2.3.6. Oh well, on with the downloads!


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