My Electronics are on Strike

Computer says NO

I have had a horrible technological weekend.

My laptop has been dead in the water for 7 months, a laptop that I used every single day, every day. It was my entertainment centre, and web portal. I loved it dearly, and it’s charger went fuut.

My other PC is 6 years out of date, shouldn’t be considered, but I was forced to shlep around with it instead. I hate it very much, and it refuses to do anything more complicated than to moan at me.

My cellphone is also a little out of date, but really, it’s been working fine, until my Opera Mini app keeps seizing, crashing and generally doing things that it was doing fine 2 months ago. I guess I shouldn’t have dropped it, but I mean, really, it’s not a smartphone, far from ‘sensitive equipment’.

My external HDD, a 1Tb, filled to capacity of all sorts of things I really want to keep, all of which is not backed up, has just fizzled out. It dropped off a desk about a year ago, and has chugged along quite happily, but only now dies because I said nasty things to it. Today.

My laptop’s HDD, which I have been using as an additional external HDD while the laptop itself was out of commission, has only just come back into working order. I fixed my laptop, took the HDD that I had used on-and-off for 7 months without so much as a cough, and plugged it in. Windows booted, and there was much celebration and cake. Then, upon restart, died. Yesterday.

Cut a looonngg story short, which I will talk of soon, I fixed it today, and have been very nice to it. It is delicate and temperamental, so I tread carefully. Nice hard drive, pretty hard drive…

My laptop HDD crashes, fixed after many hours effort. Laptop back in operation. External HDD, with irreplaceable data, crashes with a suspected spindle failure. And all though this, my phone keeps spasming when asked to google something.

Oh, and MTN hasn’t contacted me in regard to my phone upgrade, which I am awaiting so very anxiously. For long. So very long…

NOTE:  I was feeling quite sorry for myself after all this, a regular mope, so excuse my excessive I, I, I, my, my, my. I was am pissed off, so yeah.


One thought on “My Electronics are on Strike

  1. That reminds me of this one day last year when everything electronic that I owned went kablooey. My DVR was broken, a critical Cydia app on my iPod Touch was broken, my old PC kept crashing ever 1-2 hours, and my new PC had slowed down to a crawl due to what I suspected was a virus.

    Anyways, I had to get a new DVR and do a system restore on my old PC. Then I learned to live without the now-broken Cydia app on my iPod Touch. And ironically, I discovered it was actually my antivirus that was causing the speed problems on my new PC.

    Basically, technology sucks.

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