A Smashing Phone Experience

Dropped my phone last night. I drop it more often than I’d like, but it never seemed to mind, kept working fine, and usually didn’t even switch off.
‘Till now.

I dropped it trying to get it out of my jeans pocket, while trying to exit the kitchen. Slight slip and my phone now has a crystalline pattern all over the screen, with some lovely looking bruises that seem to be spreading. Lovely.

Well, this obviously pissed me off to no end, but I think repairs will be cheap enough, it’s easy to dismantle this phone. But it got me thinking, my contract upgrades in April next year. It’s a bit far when you consider all the phone coming out in South Africa now, namely the HTC Desire HD.


Busy working on a plan to possibly get this phone on contract early, namely a bit of a swap with another contract user. More details later. But I want this phone something fierce, and it would be my first smartphone, as well as being a Android OS smartphone, OH YEAH!

I’d prefer to stick to the Sony Ericsson family, but there just isn’t the variety in SE smartphones that I’d like, namely, a powerful Android phone. Sorry SE, looks like my affair with your phones end at the C902, successor to my W810i. Great phones, that last got swallowed and spat out in the ocean.

It rusted. A mostly plastic cellphone had rusted after I realised it was in my pocket after saving my little nephew from a gigantic wave. A good sorry to tell, and my first phone that broke/was lost, in a sense.

A quick phone breakdown.

1. Alcatel OneTouch Easy DB – Paid out of own pocket, a total piece of shite. Completely outclassed by the 3310, which was launched at the about the same time. Charger shorted out the battery, didn’t repair.

2. Nokia 3310 – A classic phone worldwide. Got it from family for free (contract upgrade) Lasted a long time.

3. Sony Ericsson W810i – Great phone, very popular in SA, loud speaker, great app support, rusted after lifeguard attempt.

4. Sony Ericsson C902 – Great phone, cemented my notion that SE makes good phones. Pretty much same OS as W810i, which was not a pleasant surprise. Cracked screen and LCD bruised, will repair. It was the James Bond Phone in Quantum of Solace.

5. Possible a HTC Desire HD. If taken on contract, same cost as my C902. Very cheap concerning its features. Marketed as the iPhone killer.

My evolution of mobile phone goes early consumer model, classic consumer model, great music phone, solid camera phone, (possibly) top-class smartphone. We shall see what comes next.


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