Apple Only Likes You For The Money

I should explain. Apple, the fruit, not the company, is a crunchy, juicy and flavoury treat that is grows widely and helps keep the doctor away.
Apple, the Company, is a giant bully that makes great products, sells them for exorbitant prices, and would feed you your foot at a 50% mark-up if they could just put a brand on it. It does not help keep the doctor away. Oh, and they label every thing with a prefix of i-.

The iMac, iPod, iPhone, iTouch (naughty naughty). All lovely products, I have owned two of those products. I know people who only use Apple products. It really is a great company, and they have always been there. They used to the tool of nerds and trendy people, and … it still is, but in a cooler way.
If you don’t have an Apple product, it can be said that you aren’t really living in the tech world. For some this is true, others not, but we all can see a great big flag of INFLUENCE flying over the headquarters of Apple. Underneath is a smaller flag saying BOW DOWN, but that gets less press.
Well, I feel I should take on a giant. Imma regular David.

My biggest problem with Apple is that they make themselves so exclusive. Their products are upmarket, their adverts are all trendy and ‘edgy’ and their prices reflect that. Apple products are priced and marketed they way they are to remain classy and expensive. In one way, I like and accept that. I have an iPod, you don’t, I don’t care what you say about anything. However, I also want the technology available to everyone I meet. If I had the money, I would buy everyone I know an iPod, because it opens up the world of music and consumer technology.
Anyway, that’s not my main point. As I type this, I am busy downloading iTunes. A program I thought I swore I’d never use again. It’s bloated, slow, installs warez that I don’t want and is built around a function, the iTunes store, which I don’t use. And yet, I am downloading it again. Why, I’m sure you ask? Because iTunes told me to. I can’t access my iPod without it.
I had iTunes 7.6. I am told, by iTunes, that it is just not good enough, despite it being good enough not too long ago. I must have iTunes 9. iTunes 9 is 93mb, the size of a ****ing cow in slow, expensive internet terms. It will take at least 4 hours to download, and that’s if the ‘net doesn’t drop.

Again I say, exclusive. iPod is sold in my country, I have the software that it came with, but I must bend to Apple’s will because I foolishly wanted to use my iPod 2 years later. NO. 93mb in the US or UK or one of those countries is not a big deal, but it is something to think about. Even there. So in good ol’ South Africa, it’s a big biggie.

I have said before, I love open-source and freeware. LOVE IT. So I went looking for open or free alternatives to iTunes, which is free, but is propriety tech. Songbird, MediaMonkey, and J. River Media Center are a few that I found. I’ve mentioned Songbird and MediaMonkey in a previous post.. Songbird has dropped official support for iPod I think. I found it via here. Download that (it’s an extension for Songbird) or go to this for the directory. iPod something. It works but as for going for official iPod support, it’s not there.

Silly but I think they have a reason.
MediaMonkey does not normally support video or pictures, so it has some limitations, as with Songbird. J. River is best of this lot with support for the video, pictures and music. But all of these things miss a lot of the functionality that iTunes provides. And they are not compatible with each other.
Apple does not want you to not use iTunes. This I understand. Who makes something so that you can use it in a way that they don’t really want. But Apple really went all out with this on their products. Search as I did, I cannot find 3rd-party support for the iTouch and iPhone. That means, if it’s not iTunes, it’s nothing. Buy a car, but you may only use Shell Garage petrol. We actually made it so that any other garage CANNOT be used. Pretty restricting hey?

I wouldn’t really be ranting on about this, but Apple has in effect blocked me from using my iPod because I have out-of-date software, and until I update, even 3rd-party stuff does not function properly. That’s not right Apple. Make it friendly, and more people would switch over to you.
And don’t think I don’t know about the lawsuits you been filing against everyone you can, but starting with the tiny companies. I see some anti-monopoly suits being counter-filed… but I’ll write that article another day.


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