Kick-Ass Will Kick a Spartan's Ass

Kick-Ass won’t be an amazing film. It won’t break ground, and change peoples minds about comic book movies. Everyone who is going to see this movie wanted to see this type of movie. I mean all this in all the good ways. This will be the new 300. Technically, is shouldn’t be great, but it will be, and it will make millions of dollars, it will trend on twitter, and will become a meme in and of its own. But not amazing, in the classical sense.

Just like 300.
This will be good Cinema, like you would say good TV. You put your mind on snooze, looked at the pretty colours, laughed at all the ironic and droll humour, you enjoyed the movie for what it was. It does have some social commentary, but it won’t be forced down your thought. Popcorn will be, as this is a popcorn movie, not trying to be more. Which is nice. Think of it in the same vein as Transformers. By no stretch of the imagination will it be the new way of doing things, but it made its money, that’s really what they wanted.
Mark Millar created Kick-Ass. He also created Wanted, which was an amazing comic. Ignore the movie adaptation. ‘Loosely based on’ is a very vague term. It had aliens and parallel universes and no ‘adrenaline talent’ as such. They were Supervillians. Think of a world where all the major superheroes actually lived. And then were killed. Supervillians and aliens are free to do what they want on our planet, because it’s good for business.
Even Superman’s death is hinted to. You see a torn red cape in a display cabinet, and Gibson is absolutely shocked. He says he even used to read the comics. But be warned, Wanted is incredibly violent, breaks many taboo’s, but was just so awesome. and the Art is beautiful
Anyway, Wanted’s director was Russian, Timur Bekmambetov, his claim to fame was the Nightwatch movies. Pretty good, I’m not a fan, but they were good. Wanted was his first American big-budget film.
Matthew Vaughn is the Kick-Ass director. You might know him from Stardust? Yeah, the one with a cross-dressing Robert de Niro. His other work was Layer Cake, with Daniel Craig? Very British movie, and damn good. I find it strange though, from a British crime film, to a very fun chick flick, to a hyper-violent every-man hero flick. Versatile…
He and the Screenwriter, a Jane Goldman, have worked together on Stardust, so I am really interested in seeing how this all plays out.
I enjoy some bad movies. Not the sort of bad it’s actually good, more of the technically bad, it shouldn’t be good, because of new actors, directors, whatever. But somehow, it just is good. You enjoyed it when you thought you’d hate it. Just like there are some movies that should be good, have great actors, directors and such, and just don’t work, you don’t enjoy them. Your type of movie, but not good. Thats how I approach this movie. It is going to be, on paper, just another. But like 300, is going to be big. There are already talks of a sequel. The movie hasn’t even released. Only on 16 April 2010 (USA)
//Edit July 2010
I watched Kick-Ass after it finally arrived in SA. I was dissapointed in many ways, and thrilled in others. The humor and violence of things was kept, which was awesome, but the last, well, 30 mins was different to the comic. Very different. As in changing the reason why I found the Kick-Ass Comic to be awesome. He losses the girl, Big daddy is executed, Red Mist turns out to be a complete ass, and Big Daddy was actually an accountant with funny ideas. Very different. Pity….

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