Why I Love Opera (Mini)

Opera Mini. Just this single app has changed the main purpose of my phone. Most people use their phone for trivial stuff, like phoning someone, to sending messages. Well, not I!

I discovered Opera Mini a few years back, can’t remember how I came across it, but somehow I downloaded it and gave it a try. That’s when the mobile internet revolution happened for me. Opera Mini is for normal cellphones. There is Opera Mobile for smartphones, but I’ve never used it, but I hear it’s good, and there is on available for iPhone.
The simple reason why I love Opera Mini, is that I can now browse the full web, with almost full functionality, just everywhere I go. Previously, if I wanted some info, I would have to navigate through my phones built-in browser. Or just wait until I was at a PC. Usually, I just waited for a PC, as phone browsers are not friendly, look terrible, and suck data so fast you’d think it was getting paid.
No, with Opera, I can very easily Google something, and have it displayed to me in a phone friendly format, while still having the entire web-page at my fingertips. No restriction to the mobile website, you have full access.

I only have my phone on me all the time for that reason. I can access the internet. I facebook through it, twitter via dabr.co.uk (best client I’ve found), look up movies, hell, I can even run my blog through it!
The only real limitation to Opera is actually the biggest. JavaScript. These days, most websites run a little JavaScript, and as a result, you don’t get the real deal. You do have basic access to the script, what little your phone can handle, but I guess that a Java based mini-web browser just does not have the processing power behind it. Pity, but I don’t think there is an alternative without upgrading you phone to a smartphone.

The latest version of Opera Mini is 5.0 beta 2. It supports tabs, so you can access multiple websites at once, has a password save function, download manager, advanced web-page compression and if you use a PC version of Opera, you can synchronize your bookmarks between your phone and mobile. It also supports almost all modern mobile phones, ie. colour.
Opera sits with only 3 other mobile applications on my phone. GMail, Google Maps, and 2go, an IM client I’ll explain another day. I love my Opera, and once you try it out, you’ll never be stuck in the DVD store, wondering what you should rent. It’s only a quick Google away, on your mobile phone.

Here’s a direct link for your mobile phone HERE


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