Milk the Cash Cow, Sell Your Soul

    While browsing the net this morning, I discovered a few articles discussing the future of the Watchmen brand. For those who don’t know, Watchmen was originally a graphic novel written by Alan Moore. Now be assured, Watchmen is so much more than a comic book
    Watchmen is one of the few (well, there are 99 others) books listed in TIME magazines Best 100 Novels. Yes, it’s up there with Moby Dick, Pride and Prejudice and Gone with The Wind. If you haven’t read it, do so. And the others, if you have time.

    The really important thing about Watchmen, is that it is a single issue. By that, I mean there aren’t twelve different books to collect, and 5 coming out next year, blah blah. It’s a single book. Read it, and you know the Watchmen universe. You got the whole world in your hands.
    There is a movie by Zack Snyder, a good one actually. He made it for the fans, and I am glad he did. Making it for the uninitiated would have been a complete flop. Not bad for a guy who made the remake of Dawn of The Dead (awesome zombie flick) and then 300 (you know, THIS IS SPARRTTTTAAAA!!!). However, the movie lends nothing other than visual splendour to the novel. Which was the only thing that should/could have been done.

    The issue at hand however, is that DC Comics, the holders of Watchmen, Batman, Superman licenses, has had a major shift in the corporate ladder. The previous head, Paul Levitz, put any sort of Watchmen sequel/prequel down. He didn’t think Alan Moore would like his baby being milked like some mutant cash cow. So Levitz halted any addition the Watchmen name, other than a faithful movie, and a minimal game. He’s gone. Been replaced with a Dan DiDio.
    Now apparently Dan DiDio is looking at expanding. Spin-off’s, prequel mini-series, possible another movie if all goes well. This, understandably, has fans in an uproar. The Watchmen universe starts at page one, and ends… at another page quite far away, I forget the number,  but the point is that Watchmen developed the characters, made us care about their past and future, made us see where their future is headed, and the finished. It really is a complete journey. There is nothing else to cover.

    Anything more is like being given a single grape just before you leave a hotel. I had fun there, but what the hell is up with the grape? Did they really have do that? Now I can only remember the grape.
    My personal problem is, I probably will go see this movie and buy the comic. ‘Cuz, you know, once its made, well, you gotta know what’s inside. Have to see how badly the strayed from it all.


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